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Executive Compensation

For the past ten years, as part of our ongoing efforts to stay on top of the hiring markets, we regularly produce buy side compensation reports and data for the hedge fund and private equity industry. We systematically track compensation information and have found this information has become increasingly in demand as compensation data becomes harder to come by. We are able to synthesize the information to be relevant to you regardless of fund size or strategy. Please contact Jennifer Smith (Managing Partner - Compensation Practice) to find out more and discuss your executive compensation needs

  • Board of Director/Compensation Committee Advice

  • Executive Compensation Design & Feedback

  • Regulatory Trends and Issues

  • Emerging Market Trends & Analysis

  • Detailed Program Assessments

  • Annual Incentive Design

  • Incentive Funding Rates

  • Sales Incentive Design & Review

  • Long-term Incentive Design

    • Equity

    • Performance-based plans

    • Deferral programs

  • Partnership Plans

  • Compensation Mix (Base salary / Incentive / Long-term)

  • Market Benchmarking

  • Peer Group Analysis

  • Performance Metrics

  • Back Office/Staff Issues

  • Say on Pay / Shareholder Advisory

  • Board of Director Compensation

  • Employment Contracts

  • Transaction Issues (IPO/unit sale/acquisition)

  • Stock Option Valuation

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